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Technical Support


If you need help or have any problem while working with Stitch Era, HotFix Era or any other product of the DESIGN ERA suite, and could not find the solution in the help options available; you can report your problem in this form.

Note: This form is intended only for the technical support of any DESIGN ERA commercial product. We will not respond support requests from users of our free software solutions.


Before requesting technical support (from the dealer or from the software manufacturer)

1. Make sure that the user registration has the correct information.

This information will be required to you prior to any user care service.

Very often the communication between the end user (client) and the software’s support systems (those that process passwords, installations, activations and warning requirements) cannot be established correctly, due to the incorrect user registration.

Sometimes, this is the only and simple reason and explanation to the problems that may arise, particularly during the processes of installation, activation, live-update and access to the services site (service center)

Before making any query, please check in your product that the contact information registered (name, email address, etc.) is correct.

2. Install the latest version available (not higher version leaps)

The software manufacturer may regularly introduce changes to the product or to any of the processes related to the installation, activation, registration, update and complementary services. Therefore, it is likely that, if you do not have the latest version of the software, you might be experiencing any of the problems previously solved.

In order to avoid any possible chance of facing a problem case already solved, devoting unnecessary efforts to communications, monitoring and explanations, we would kindly ask you to obtain and install the latest minor version available of your product. You will find the latest version in the services site (this is not applicable when there are leaps on to major versions).

It is likely to happen that the distributor/dealer has not provided you with the latest version, since the software manufacturer offers the latest versions through Internet and in advance to all users. Please install the latest version available to speed up the feedback from technical support.

3- Check our self-help tools

We're happy to provide the best assistance and support to allow you to get the maximum benefit from your product. But we know that time is your most valuable asset.

That's why Sierra offers a wide range of resources and tools to help you resolve your concern by yourself, in the quickest, most efficient and comfortable way.

Refer to the user’s manual, troubleshooting guide, the knowledge base or any of the user’s forums before completing the Request Technical Support Form.

It is quite possible that you can solve your problem the best way and, above all, very quickly.

IF and AFTER you have followed the previous steps, then fill this form.




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